The many uses of a VPN Tool

How to unblock websites using a VPN

The many uses of a VPN Tool

The suspension of WhatsApp application throughout Brazil in last December and at 2:00 pm last Monday (02/05) has made several users use VPN applications to be able to circumvent the ban and continue to communicate through the service.

The Virtual private network (VPN-virtual private network) is a tool that can the data traffic through a private path on the web. Common navigation, for example, when a site’s address with “https:” instead of “http://”, means that this is a secure connection, which estabelce a VPN between your computer and the server of the website that you are accessing. “If someone observe the data flow between you out, can’t get what is being transmitted, because everything is encrypted”, explains professor John George, Department of computer science at the University of Brasilia (UnB).

A VPN makes all your network traffic pass for a specific computer. If this computer is not in Brazil, your Whatsapp will work and your Netflix (content streaming service) will have access to content from another country. However, attention is required.

According to professor George, in the case of WhatsApp, the VPN connects to the application through the doors that are not the usual on days when the service is not suspended: “you get to the server as a diversion,” he explains. The risk of using the VPN is, according to George, even if it runs when using any application: it is necessary to examine all the terms of use, see what your data are being exposed and evaluate if it’s worth it, “guides.

Your phone is stuck?

Some mobiles may have impaired performance with the use of a VPN, due to the charge that this service requires the machine. “We can say today that a smartphone is a handheld personal computer that eventually makes calls. He has a computing power, but is not very strong, has limitations. Regardless of the quality of the app has been downloaded, it carries a heavier computational demand, “explains George.

The use of best VPN for iphone and ios does not, necessarily, more security to users. The difference between them and the free, according to professor John George, can there be a solution if something wrong happens, because it is a service relationship. “You have a chance to have for those who complain,” he says, remembering that regardless of application, paid or free, you must be aware of the terms and conditions of use. “It is necessary to always look as is the configuration to access the service” guides.

Free alternative

The use of free software can be an alternative for this case and, even without knowing it, many users migrated to this option: application service Telegram, which is partially configured with open data, won about of 1,500,000 new accounts since the fall of Whatsapp in Brazil. For Athos Ribeiro, the free software should always be the first option “for ethical issues and provide transparency to the user.

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